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Marathon Mania Give-Some-Get-Some Breakdown

I was never good at selling girl scout cookies, or America’s Best Chocolate Bars, and I really sucked at the Joe Corbi’s cardboard Pizza Kit sales. It’s still shocks me to think that my Gma sent me door-to-door by myself with those damn cookies. I don’t recall making it very far, but I do remember returning home with whole sleeves swallowed down the hatch.

In those days, I ate my way to my support goal. Too bad I’m not selling coconut ice cream or kale chips … I’d make it to my goal in no time!

I took this marathon mania challenge, quite honestly, because the idea of raising $3 Gs scared the bejesus out of me. And realizing what the impact $3 Gs would have by sending 120 deserving kids to school, I was all in.

On the flipside, none of you dared me to do this. So I know the whole begging asking for support can be really unbecoming. Instead, I’d like to get creative, prove to you how invested I am, and perhaps create even further opportunities in the long run out of this whole marathon mania challenge.

Here’s what you get:


1/2 off, 3-month personal development coaching program (only 2 spots available) – Valued at $1050, you can get 3 months of weekly personal development accountability for only $525.

Coaching Program – This is a three month program (initially) that offers weekly, 45 min. strategy sessions where we will delve into several aspects of your life that are acting as triggers keeping you from living in accordance with your highest self.

Includes: This program will be tailored specifically to fit your needs. Session-by-session eye-opening interactive exercises. A custom fit game plan designed to address each of your goals. Session notes, guidance and further resources following each call. Unlimited email support throughout the program for any questions/concerns AND to offer accountability for accelerated success.

Bonus: Free e-book I Think I’ll Make It by your outlandishly awesome coach;) AND more.

Please visit for testimonials and more info.


$150 Personal Development Coach Test Drive (limited #)

This gives you a one-month test drive, that’s 4, 45-min sessions catered to your needs and goals. You get all the things mentioned above, jumpstart-style.


$75 Full Health Assessment and Two Week Jumpstart (limited #)

As a personal trainer, personal development junkie, and having intimate access to the one and only, you will get the full low down here: body, mind & spirit.


$25 Community Coaching Call 

I’ve read 15 to 20 books this summer and would love to share all the latest and greatest that I’ve learned. Plus, whatever questions you may have for the call. The call will take place later this month and I’ll send out the deets before-hand, asking for your questions.

Also …

Proceeds from all school talks given before November 2nd will go directly to Pencils of Promise. If you are interested in having me come to you or your child’s school, hit me up and name your donation. I offer parent talks, as well as student and teacher programs.


100% of all proceeds from gifts stated above go to Pencils of Promise. You may give your support here, through Crowdrise.

Please email me directly with any questions, comments, or fundraising ideas. I’m all ears …

I leave you with this: Pick a prize above, give the gift of education that literally keeps on giving, and invest in yourself all at the same time. Win + Win = Awesomeness


Much Love,


PS … I realize I left out a $50 prize. I’m still marinating on it. Any ideas are welcome;) Also, those of you who donate, or have already donated, at least $10 are eligible to win a book. I have several signed books that will be raffled off late October. Happy giving!!


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