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Off the Cuff: Gratitude is the New Sexy

This room is super narrow. I apologize that the nostril shot is the best we got;)

Today I gave my second Toastmasters speech on one of my favorite (and therefore easy) topics: gratitude!

I had such great intentions all week/weekend long to map out and rehearse my speech, but as circumstances dictate that never happened.

I’ve done 40 minute keynotes, so what’s 4 – 6 min, right?

I tell you. There is something about this small room, with no slide projector to fall back on, and about 50 sets of brightly visible blank stares that makes all this that much more intimidating.

I had memorized my opening, but you’ll see at about 25 sec. I draw blank. That “um” is translation for, “oh shit!” I felt that dizzying anxiety begin to rise up in my chest. And just 1/2 second before I’d inevitably head to my notes on the podium in defeat, it came back to me.

It’s difficult, as you may know, to watch yourself on camera. I have more than a few things to work on, clearly. But as with all things I do at TYOMD, I think it’s only fair I show the progression, no matter how painful.

It’s also a great reminder that rehearsal is crucial.

Whether it’s 6 minutes or 40 minutes, either way is an opportunity to ignite something in someone. Why not take full advantage?

I leave you with this: Do as I say, not as I do;)


Much Love,


PS … We have a gratitude is the new sexy FB page where we post 1 thing each day that we’re most thankful for. If you need a little sunshine in your news feed, get yo ass some gratitude!

4 Responses to “Off the Cuff: Gratitude is the New Sexy”

  1. iceman18

    God knows how I ended up here at your TM speech but I’m glad I did. How did it go?

    I don’t know how you felt inside but I’d like to tell you what I observed. I am an alcoholic so please forgive me if “tell you” sounds strong. That’s not intended. And, as an alcoholic, I struggled most of my life in any situation that involved public speaking. As a result, I held back my career advancement significantly. Today, it is all different in the regard.

    Right, got side tracked talking about my favorite subject…me!

    I’m going to take a guess that you are well educated. There were no um’s. Wow! Secondly, your thoughts are connected. You’re a good story teller. You varied your cadence and was not monotone.

    As Sarah Silverman’s says: “if you think the whole world is judging you, you’re an alcoholic.



  2. kat.hurley

    Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I have another speech on the 20th. This time I’m going to actually rehearse. Well, that’s the plan at least. Hopefully that will make for a big improvement;) Please check back around the 21st or so, I’ll be looking forward to more pointers;)



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