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Tyomd Weekly Check-in #vlog

What an incredible week! There has been a huge influx in support for my Pencils of Promise #marathonmania campaign. And although not a dime of it is going to me, I cheese every time I get an email with $$ in the subject line.

And all I did was respond to a pit in my stomach at the thought of raising $3,000. The same pit that in year’s past would have talked me out of just about anything. Now, I lean in. And who knew with such great reward.

I’m not gonna lie, there were times throughout this campaign when I thought I’d just cancel my credit card and craw in a hole (crowdrise puts a hold on your cc for the amount for which you’re supposed to raise). When I had only $75 worth of donations, I felt the panic set in. I imagined myself dancing outside the Park Slope Food Co-op with a sweat band on and socks pulled high, holding a sign and a bucket for POP.

That’s the beauty of you, my dear. You hold me accountable for all the silly and not so silly things I set out to do this year. You have challenged me and made me better. And for you I am so very grateful.

Because I leaned in toward that pit in my stomach, and thanks to your support, together we will send 120 students to school this year. How frickin cool is that?

I leave you with this: Got a goal you’re not so sure you can tackle? Get an accountability partner, or thousands, and make it happen!


Much Love,


Marathon Mania Incentive Program: Only 1 more $150 package left (sending 6 students to school for a year), 2 $75 packages left (3 students), and a hand full of the $25 left (1 student). While supplies last! (I’ve always wanted to say that;)

Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!

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