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Hero’s Journey: It’s no day at the beach

I love this short clip because it absolutely captures it: sissies need not apply. This is tough stuff. Turning inward, willingly overturning the dusty boxes we’ve shoved to some corner of our headspace to sort the junk–yikes!

It requires unabashed honesty, resiliency, steadfastness, unflinching desire, hope, love, patience, acceptance, compassion, kindness, trust, faith, to name a few.

Most people are not willing to head down this path because they are afraid of three things: 1) the work 2) what they might discover 3) their greatness.

Like many things in life, we’d prefer to remain ignorant. It’s just easier.

But for those of us who were thrust into this work, willingly or unwillingly (like me), we can’t deny what we see with our own two eyes once we really allow ourselves to reflect.

We’re all on different journeys and yet everyone is capable of being a hero in their own right. We just have to commit. Not doing so would simply deny ourselves our light, our freedom, our peace, our true happiness.

I leave you with this: Every battle you’ve ever fought has prepared you for this one. Now go get what is rightfully yours [read: dreams, desires, passion, purpose].


Much Love,


“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell


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