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Taking Home the Win

Best Speech and Best Evaluator selfie

*I didn’t clue my vid guy on how to hold the iphone while filming. Thanks to, JK, I learned that like a whole month ago;)

Tonight I took the W for best speech at Toastmasters, which means little more than just icing on the cake. I feel like a winner every time I get up in that (am I the only one that’s warm?) room, body filled with nervous energy.

This whole process of coming back to my voice has been so strange for me. For someone who always had her hand raised growing up, I’ve certainly never been too shy to speak.

As a teacher, I was up in front of student, teacher, parent audiences all the time. No problem.

Now, eight years out of teaching, I’m returning with all sorts of new expectations and suddenly the stakes seem higher, and spookily more intimidating.

This is a snippet of my speech opener for Wednesday. I do two things to get myself comfortable: admit that I’m nervous and make them take a few deep breaths with me.

Later on in the 40 minute speech I’ve prepared for the students, I let them in on the secret: authenticity is the new sexy. Keepin’ it real is where it’s at. I re-learn that lesson on the daily.

I hope 300 teens are as stoked about it as the T-masters were;)

Tomorrow’s post will likely be brief as I will be performing for my kitten, Boots, and any other stuffed animals or tchotchkes who will listen.

I leave you with this: Now go scare the shit out of yourself. It’s a good time of year for it;)


Much Love,


*Some folks asked for the poem, which can be found here, on my mega old poetry archive.

PS … Thanks, Remy!

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