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I Won’t Take the Easy Road

My cousin shared this vid with me yesterday. What perfect timing. I woke up from a nap this morning, only to find out that tomorrow’s speaking engagement had been postponed.

Admittedly, I was disappointed at first, but almost immediately my brain headed for “My Silver Lining.”

That nearly automatic response has become the norm now, but it wasn’t all that long ago when disappointments like this may have spiraled into a good ol’ fashion pity party. I would have called all my friends to tell them how annoying and inconvenient it was, just to get their verbal nods of agreement.

What a waste of time, huh?

To prove what exactly?

Instead, I saw it as a gift. I have more time to prepare. I have a day off tomorrow. I have tons of stuff to catch up on. It will happen in its own time, on its own accord.

And when I did talk to a friend, she and I both agreed that there are only better things to come (thank you, Molly!)

I had a wonderful stress-free day where I felt calm and confident that it would all turn out just as its supposed to.

I know some might consider that rosie kind of thinking naive. Yet, isn’t naive synonymous with simple?

What I find simple, instead, is beating a dead horse. I get it. Our natural tendency is to gather negative evidence; we’ve done it for centuries. What’s unnatural and, therefore, not so simple/easy is finding the silver lining.

And yet it’s always there. If you’re willing to look for it.

And I’m telling you, the view’s great from here!

I leave you with this: Don’t take the simple/easy road.


Much Love,


PS … How badass are those lightsuits? I don’t know what impresses me more: the extreme skiing at night, or the vision and beauty of the production. I’m just in awe of talent and guts, always.

Thanks, Matt! Keep em coming;)




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