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Motivation: Hide & seek

I was listening to my homeboy Brendon Burchard today, and he made a very good point (like he often does): we focus too much on fear as being our greatest obstacle, when it is really our lack of sustained motivation that keeps us stuck.

He offered a great analogy, which I’ve heard him use in the past: power plants do not have energy, they generate energy.

We must generate motivation, because it is just as fleeting and perhaps even trickier than sustaining energy.

When we need more energy, we sleep, we drink coffee, we eat, we take a cold shower, go for a brisk walk. But what’s our plan when we lack motivation?

… (crickets).

Wait to be inspired?

Sign up for another course.

Read another book.

New vacation spot.


He mentions clarity as the first step, to which I give a huge thumbs up. My work with clients is often about gaining clarity on exactly what it is that he/she wants.

I myself remember a time not too long ago when I was blind to the direction I was headed. It was so frustrating not knowing where to spend my time and effort, sometimes spread too thin or, on the flip-side, feeling like I wasn’t doing enough.

I begged and begged (in meditation) to be told what it was that I was meant to do. I finally got the question right, “How can I serve?”

“Tell your story,” a voice, not my own, said.

And I have been doing that in some way shape or form since, sincerely grateful for the clarity.

Step 2, however, created several road blocks: Belief. Belief that it can be done.

When I first started talking about writing a book, I was just as doubtful as the rest. But the more I said it, let me tell you. The more I believed it. I could see it. I could hold it.

Belief was a gamechanger.

Step 3 was just as difficult a hurdle: focus.

Prior to committing to write the book, I wrote poetry and short stories trying to find my voice. I dabbled with the idea to get into schools and begin speaking again, but was too chicken. It wasn’t until I had focus on one big goal that I could chunk down into smaller bits when I could really begin to hone my efforts.

Step 4 came with its own fits and starts: Action.

The only way to get and sustain motivation is through action. No matter how small, we must keep moving … forward, sideways, backwards, sometimes it doesn’t even matter. Movement is momentum, however it shows up;) For me, one word became two, became paragraph, became page, became chapter. Looking back now it feels as though the book wrote itself.

I credit momentum.

It’s the same with fitness. There are days, believe you me, when I do not feel like running/training. I listen not and strap on my shoes anyway, knowing that once I get moving, I’ll feel better–often surprising myself with my new found energy.

You have an example of this in your life. I’m sure of it.

Use that experience. Apply it.

Know that motivation will come and go and make a game out of it: hide & seek.

Borrow motivation. I do it all the time. Show up for a group fitness class unmotivated and try to sustain that feeling. You can’t. Motivation is contagious.

Go to a coffee shop to work, or a university library. Surround yourself with smart, energetic, motivated people … it rubs off.

But first things first, get clarity.

Ask the right question.

I leave you with this: How will you serve?


Much Love,


kat hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!

4 Responses to “Motivation: Hide & seek”

  1. AwakeningAngels

    Great article! Yes we do often forget that we can generate it all 🙂 Motivation, energy, love! We are powerful generators of everything we need. Have a great day. With love, Sharon


  2. Tracey

    Great article and so helpful at the moment when I am struggling with the whole momentum thing. Love the power station analogy, excellent.



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