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Kid Madness & Meditation

Not in action, I was too afraid to turn my back;)

Wow! I’m beat.

Today I had the privilege of teaching some movement meditation and mindfulness techniques to a very wise, yet intermittently rambunctious group of elementary students.

Perhaps weaving a meditation session into their chaotic health and wellness day was a stretch, but we made it work!

They came to me sweaty and riled up, and yet most of them (separated by grade level) got right into it.

I was impressed by the fact that many of the students have tried meditation both at home and at school, including the entire 2nd grade class.

We had a great discussion on gratitude. And they were all arms raised on things they were grateful for: xbox, legwarmers, pets, food, shelter, school, learning, toys, family, friends, and I’m pretty sure one little girl even said, “For all sentient beings in the universe,” although to be honest, I think it was even deeper than I recall. She was 8.

We did a short silent mantra meditation where I had them all think of a word to repeat that made them feel happy. I let them share afterward: soccer, flower, puppy, dodgeball, and one boy raised his hand to explain that Om is a sacred Hindu syllable encompassing all sounds, so he suggested that we come up with only one syllable words to mimic the tradition. He was a walking wikipedia page. I actually didn’t even understand all that he was saying. He was 7.

We did the pocket meditation: Peace, Begins, With, Me. Prompted by the question: “Who is the only person in this world we can change?” It was almost unanimous with each class: “Me!” Now if we can only keep them this pure;)

Next we did a breathing meditation, 4-7-8, and a full body scan meditation, which they really relaxed into. Then I charged em back up with a Kundalini breath of fire meditation, rapid breath in and out through the nose, to which one girl was concerned about the snot factor. And I couldn’t argue that  that was a very legitimate concern.

Next was finding their qi. We did some fun, liven the energy within, qi gong moves and I showed them how to create their own qi ball in their hands. That was a hit!

Lastly, we shook it out to Pharrell’s Happy, and I danced them all the way out the door, high fives all around.

Whew! I’m exhausted. Big shout outs to elementary teachers. May the force (qi) be with you!

I leave you with this: To be as open minded and as malleable as a kid again, let’s try more of that.


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!



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