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Trust: You win some, you lose some


I was thinking about it on our drive up to Albany today. Trying to sleep actually, unsuccessfully, in the passenger seat. My mind way too busy instead thinking that perhaps we should have just gotten the brake fluid changed when the guy suggested.

Here we were barreling down the Taconic at 70 mph in a bucket of tin and I am trusting that the guy had just been overly cautious.

We’re fine, I reassured my sleepy self.

Come to think of it (still awake), I also trusted that no other drivers were texting, falling asleep, or drunk. (It was 9 A.M. for goodness sakes, the latter would’ve been mighty impressive.)

And since I was up, I got to thinking about all the things we generally trust:

*that our [insert your pet] won’t get his arm stuck in the wrought iron table when we’re not home to untangle him

*that nobody will mess with our kids when we leave them with strangers at school/day care

*that the waiter didn’t drop (or worse) our burger before it made its way to the table

We even trust:

*food companies (don’t ask, don’t tell)

*bluetooth (electromagnetic field, huh?)

*airplanes (wtf?)

We could likely make a list of hundreds of things that we simply trust, often without a blink of the eye. Some clearly no big deal, but others, yes, a big effin deal.

Even in my delirium, it was clear they all have one thing in common: convenience.

There is a clear advantage to trusting that my car will get me to my destination, or that my food and child have not been tampered with, or that blueteeth don’t give us tumors or that airplanes are more than just magic.

And for all the things we might not instinctively trust at first, we have often millions of examples of people who do that point to us “just being silly.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that there should be less trust, quite the contrary actually.

A decrease in trust would lead to even more anxiety. (I finally did fall asleep, btw.)

My pitch is for trusting more.

If we’re already trusting x than why not trust y is the kinda algebra I’m talking about.

Y being the hopes, the dreams, the leaps of faith kinda variable.

Not offering the same convenience/reward up front perhaps, but in the long run it pays off like a motherf&*^%er.

The proof is in the thousands upon thousands of success stories. Outliers on the outside one might suggest, but when you study them, like I do, you learn there’s only one thing separating them from the pack: Trust.

What more evidence do we need?

I leave you with this: Win some.


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!




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