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I Won the Lottery!

Well, the email lottery that is. The Listserve lottery.

I have been reading (albeit partially so) Listserve emails for about two years now. Many start the same way. “I can’t believe I won! I have no idea what to say.”

Although I agree with those sentiments, I refuse to begin my email in such a way because, if readers are anything like me, doing so calls for immediate delete.

I had less than 48 hours to respond 28 hours ago.

The clock is ticking as I stare at the blank screen.

Here are the guidelines:

What can I send?
– Text — letters, numbers, symbols
– No links, images, HTML, Javascript, etc.
– 600 words max

What can I write?
– Anything! Well, almost anything… We reserve the right not to send your message if it threatens the spirit of the list — hate speech, etc.
– If you send something overtly controversial, or (self-) promotional, you must provide your name and email information and why you believe in what you are endorsing — you cannot be anonymous. Spam is unappreciated.

The following are random suggestions for you from the Listserve community:

1. Catch our attention early. Keep it brief. Include something that I can take away from the email, and I’ll read the whole thing.

2. Tell something personal, but that would be interesting to a large and varied group of people (ages, gender, backgrounds). Humor is always a plus. You don’t need to worry about giving a life lesson. That is, don’t give a life lesson.

3. Just talk about something interesting: a story about yourself, something you observed, some juicy gossip. Don’t give advice unless you were born before 1900. And pls don’t use the listserve to promote your business! Tell a good yarn & include a link at the end of your email.

4. Don’t undermine what you’re about to say by apologizing for what you’ve written before you even start! Just launch in, confidently, to the message you’d like to give the Listserve audience.

5. We don’t want to hear about your shock or your advice.

So there you have it.

I finally have the chance to inspire 24,444 people and they don’t want to be inspired, lol. Not unlike the work I do with teens, I suppose. It’s just like the medicine stuffed inside the spoon full of peanut butter, right?

The irony, I was just pouting the other day about a break a friend had gotten. Not that I wasn’t happy for him and am always celebrating his luck, charm, accomplishments, but I did feel a twinge of jealousy and I expressed it in some writing.

That very afternoon, the universe responded with this. Boom!

Only another reason I’m feeling a bit more pressure than usual. Just the universe saying: What you got, son?

I leave you with this: What would you say to 25,000 people?


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!

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