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Trick or Treat?: Your mind’s way of manipulating you

How do we know when to give into the treat, or if it’s just another mind trick.
I deserve this brownie or mochafrappalatte, I’ve worked so hard this morning.
I deserve to veg out on the couch all night because today was so crazy at work.
I deserve to skip yoga class, I’ve already been to the gym 3 times this week.
We have an ongoing conversation in our head of checks and balances it seems. Someone is always keeping tally of something in there.
So how do we know who is doing the talking?
Think about how that brownie and mochafrappa make you feel afterward. Really? I know for me I’d feel pretty crummy. So now try it …
I deserve to feel crummy.
An entire night vegging on the couch would, not always, but more often than not make me feel guilty and unproductive. Try it again …
I deserve to feel guilty and unproductive.
Lastly, skipping yoga would likely make me feel stiff and stressed. So, one last time …
I deserve to feel stiff and stressed.
True, our examples can often be more complicated than that. They involve schedules and children and traffic, whathaveyou. But that which we have control over, we’ll feel better if we get clear on our intentions.
Our head plays the tricks, but our gut knows what’s up. Whenever you’re not sure if you’re “just making excuses.” What is your gut telling you to do? Or, no time for gut check, just run it through this quick test.
How will you want to feel after?
I deserve to feel ___________________.
Is it in line with your intention?
Remember it is our nurturing activities that give back while we give in: take a bath, read a book, take a walk in nature, get outside, garden, meditate, get creative, work out.
Social media and internet, TV, food, booze, drugs, etc will never wake up those feel-good hormones and satiate the soul like self nurturance.
There is no trick to that, only treat.
I leave you with this: Indulge.
Much Love,
Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!

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