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You Are What You Eat: Well mostly …

Standing across the desk from her at our home office daily, I feel as though I have a certification in functional nutrition. I’ve heard Elisa say, “You’re not what you eat, but what you’re body can do with what you eat,” at least 473 times.

In this house we take food very seriously. Not because we’re foodies and prefer plates with only deconstructed components. Instead, because both my and Elisa’s lives completely changed when we got food right. And to be honest, it’s always a work in progress.

We both grew up on a typical SAD (standard American diet). We were both athletes, so eating whatever we wanted was never an issue, or so we thought.

Years worth of antibiotics likely led me to some really ugly reactions to food sensitivities and Elisa attributes a sugar addiction to her depression years ago.

We both look back on foggy months strung together of constant fatigue and lack of motivation, and know full-well now what was to blame–poor diet.

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to wake up without the desperate reach for caffeine. Or how beneficial to productivity it is to feel evenly energized throughout the day without the dips and dives of the ride I used to know all too well.

I am very blessed to have a personal chef; I can never say it enough. I have fended for myself in the kitchen before and it wasn’t pretty. But even with my shoddy skills, I bought great ingredients and threw it all together into an edible pile of some sort.

So if I can do it, you can to.

I bring all this up for two reasons:

One: Following your dreams/passions/purpose is nearly impossible without the foundation of a healthy diet, nourishing and fueling your every move.

Two: My lovely lady just so happens to be hosting a 22 Day Sugar Cleanse and you only have till Monday to sign up!

I listened to her intro call this morning (from bed) and I am just so impressed with how much she has grown with this course. Her first Sugar Bootcamp was three years ago this fall.

I know, I’m biased, but believe me when I say she knows her shit. We have spent thousands of dollars figuring out our own nutrition, not to mention the courses she has taken and the books that are piled up around the house. She is to food, what I am to self help. Junkie!

I leave you with this: Trust me. Take the course. Create a new normal!


Just click it!


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!



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