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One and Done!

I have so much to write and so little energy to make thoughts into words.

So we’ll just do it like this:

Thanks to …

* finding friends (Dao and Sam) who saved a pre-race lost puppy (me).

* wind that nearly knocked me off my feet, but held off just enough to keep me vertical.

* all the sideline high fives.

* the (several) really bad classic rock bands.

* all the runners who so kindly told me what pace we were running, because I had no clue.

* finding Elisa at mile 7 for an epic course selfie.

* the one Italian dude who by accident I called piccolo (small) when I meant to say umpo (a little). The full phrase if I could have jogged it from all those hours of training and repetition; Capisco umpo Italiano (I understand a little Italian.) Turns out … much littler than I thought.

* the one Italian woman who gave me my second shot at proving competency. She spoke perfect English though, so running through the only eight Italian phrases in my vocab waiting for the perfect opportunity to insert one seemed futile.

* the drummers.

* the school marching bands.

* the homeboys out front the church singing “Blurred Lines”.

* the DJ’s and the boomboxes. (You know I’m all about the bass;)

* the multiple karaoke spots.

* the willing runners who cheered with me on the eerily quiet bridges.

* the people who yelled my name just because I had conveniently written it on my shirt;)

* the Achilles runners (You guys are effin amazing.)

* the wheelchair racers. (Ditto.)

* the amputee runners. (Ditto.)

* the bushes at the bank that made a shi-shi stop super convenient (Sorry TD Bank.)

* the gospel choir in the Bronx inviting us to find Jesus (As soon as we finished, of course).

* the white rapper with long corn rows, also in the Bronx (I was feeling you, brother.)

* the water people. (Your job sucks and you never show it. Good on you!)

* the great signage:  stranger (Click image for others;)

* the awesome tour (I now know where shit is in NYC, finally).

* the crew at Pencil’s of Promise, your cheer section was spot on and much needed!

* the wind at my back for all of 10 seconds. Pshh.

* my fam who came to cheer even though we somehow missed each other. (Knowing you were there made me run faster, and smile wide–as to hide that I was in excruciating pain.)

* Central Park, nothing like finishing in the park. (Although the measuring seemed off, that .2 took days!)

* All the cops, volunteers and race coordinators that made running easy (well, almost.)

* my coaches, Cat Haggarty and Penny Weiner (you ladies are my shiz!)

* my beautiful and very patient chef, masseuse, and most valuable cheerleader (I love you.)

* my PoP supporters! (Again, big shoutouts to Heidi and Tatianna.)

* And to the tyomd readers. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Thanks to all these factors and many more that I’ve missed, today was really something special. One and dddddone!

I love you, New York. You’re one of a kind;)

I leave you with this: How bout this … you run next year, and I’ll cheer for you!


Much Love,


I felt like this from miles 3-23. Then skirrrrrrrrt!

I felt like this from miles 3-23. Then skirrrrrrrrt! off came the wheels.

4 Responses to “One and Done!”

  1. Kim Blake

    Loved reading this, many laughs. You must feel so accomplished (and exhausted!)




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