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Turn Down For What

Feet much happier at this wedding. #noheels

I had so much fun last night dancing the night away at a friend’s beautiful barn wedding in Connecticut.

I have this thing where I don’t like to be one of the old ladies dancing in hose, so I suffered through the crunched toes in heels bit; T Swift’s addictive mantra playing in my mind: Shake it off, shake it off.

We did the “Love Shack” shimmy; we would’ve worked it for Beyonce till “The End of Time”; we “Turn-ed it Down For what”, and what’s a wedding without a-little-bit-louder-now “Shout.”

My feet hated me more than running the marathon, and I felt less guilty about not working out earlier in the day after all that cardio.

I’ve really never been to a wedding I didn’t love, but this one goes down as only the second sober wedding since I was a flower girl in third grade, including the three weddings in high school where I had someone sneak me drinks;)

The first being just this past August, when I was stunned to find I could actually dance just as well and have just as much fun sober. Who knew?

I have been taking a hiatus from alcohol since mid-July. A sort of test of will and/or curiosity about what life would be like without it.

It gets easier with the accumulating evidence that I’m still fun and witty and, eh hem, a fearless dancer.

The holidays will be a good test–no dance floor distractions. Perhaps I’ll hang out with the kids. They’re more fun anyway.

The most difficult part so far has been the, “Why aren’t you drinking?” or “Come on, just have one drink for fun” comments.

Having spent most of my life on the life of the party team in training, the disappointment on people’s faces that I’m not drinking still feels like a sucker punch to the kidneys.

Now I sort of have an easy excuse. I’ve taken the Hello Sunday Morning three month challenge. My three months ends New Year’s Eve.

From someone who always pitied a pregnant friend for her 9-month stint of sobriety, I’ve come a long way. I hardly had a drinking issue, but I’ve also rarely turned down a cold beverage for the perfect occasion–perfect like Sunday funday perfect, I mean.

But make no mistake, beer in hand–or both–or not, this sister still says “Turn Down For What!”

I leave you with this: Try questioning your consumption. You may be surprised what you discover.


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!

PS … Hooray for lesbian weddings and gender benders. Side note: Not a sober wedding;)

Feet much happier at this wedding. #noheels

Feet much happier at this wedding. #noheels

5 Responses to “Turn Down For What”

  1. TheBunHinge

    Hose? You still wear hose??? PLEASE let me do you a kindness by liberating you from that mid-twentieth century torture device . Bare legs, tights or leggings, Sister. Believe me, every future occasion you might have worn them for will be far more enjoyable without them! Dance the night away! ~:-)


    • kat.hurley

      Lol. Even worse. I was wearing old ladie knee highs. I was rockin heels in pants. I just didnt want to be shoeless with pants draggin;) Stubborn.


      • TheBunHinge

        You crack me up! Kudos on the sobriety, by the way. Here’s to knowing what you need to do, then actually doing it (I’m still working on that whole “follow-through” thing).


  2. Tracey

    Have to agree on the hose thing!! I also agree and commend You on the whole alcohol thing. I am just starting out on that road. I drink too much and it has been my crutch for too long. My health is suffering and I realise I would rather live without it and, well live well. I never say never again. But for me it must be a while before I open another bottle or say yes to a glass or two. I have no problem with one day having a glass on special occasions, but only when my body and brain have realised that they really don’t need it.
    Well done.


    • kat.hurley

      Yes, tracey. Totally agree. I have not said never again. Im just happy saying not right now. Im also happy with all the money i save and all the time i dont waste feeling shitty. Keep it up, sister;)



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