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12 Days of Kindness Adventure: Day 2

I felt pretty crummy today. I christened the netti pot for the season this morning around 6 AM just before darting out into the cold heavy rain.

Not exactly the sunshine and roses you might imagine for kindness adventures;)

The great thing though when you’re not as focused on yourself, you sort of forget how poorly you feel and press on. I imagine it’s like being a sick mom (as in a mom who’s not feeling well, not a gnarly mom–although I think mostly all moms are gnarly).

Driving home from the gym, I had my eyes peeled for a fellow co-op member who might need a ride in the rain. (I drive right by on my way home.)

With no desperate shoppers in plain sight, I continued on thinking about what else I might be able to accomplish today in the light of kindness.

With a two-hour nap and an afternoon of sluggish-ruggishness, I was nervous that I’d run out of opportunities.

But while I was in bed on my computer, I went through several kind to-do’s that had been dangling from long forgotten lists. I accomplished two and researched another:

*I sent two just-because gifts to clients.

*I finally registered for the volunteer program I’ve been talking about joining for months.

I did get my butt to a heavenly yoga class and taught a 7pm bootcamp class before working Elisa’s makeup shift at the co-op. She was super busy and we were a day away from being blacklisted. So technically I didn’t want to count it toward the adventurous spirit of kindness, because she will likely make me cookies and give me a back rub–not exactly selfless.

But …

At 10:30 at night (at shift’s end), when you’re pulled away from your cushy checkout station to bag day-old bagels and clean the bins (about 2-dozen + bins), yes, it counts;) Cookies or not.

At checkout though, I did make sure not a single shopper went home with a bruised piece of fruit they didn’t know about or a shady pint of cherry tomatoes. (If only our checkout peeps did that for Elisa;)

Also, no one left my line without a smile and a happy holiday wish. (But, admittedly, that has nothing to do with kindness adventures and everything to do with the fact that I always wanted to be a grocery store clerk and this 2-hour a month job is fulfilling my every wish;)

I will say though that somehow Day 2 reminded me of a time when I was really depressed. My whole world seemed to be collapsing at once. Well, it kinda was.

I remember going on and on and on in my head about what the world owed me. I was like a broken jukebox playing only sad country songs. We’re talking 2007 or 8-ish. Finally one day the simple thought popped into my head, “What if I’m looking for the wrong thing?” I realized then that it wasn’t about what the world could do for me, but that which I could possibly bring to the world.

One of the many aha moments that year blessed me with.

A total gamechanger, shifting my mindset suddenly and completely. My mantra became: “How can I serve?”

I was reminded today that even on our crappiest of days (snot, wind and rain), we still have room to give.

I leave you with this: Make room.


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!

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