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Naked In Public


Elisa dropped me off at the train station naked. Or at least it felt like that for a minute, when I reached for my phone and realized I’d left it plugged into the wall at her parent’s. I started to scramble off the train until I realized we were already moving.

We’d been rushing out of the house, as usual. I was handing her stuff as I continued to pack and sort that which was coming vs. staying. (She isn’t returning to NYC with the car until later.)
She handed me my bowl of chili, which was priority numero uno, or else I may have noticed my phone missing when, instead, I was stuffing my face.
I debated getting off at the next stop and finding a way to contact Elisa to deliver my phone, but I was meeting my brother and his family in the city and I didn’t want to be late.
I could feel the panic rising, like years ago when I realized I didn’t have that extra pack of cigarettes in my bag I thought I did.
I laughed at myself. Seriously. I’m this addicted?
Sure, it will be inconvenient, perhaps, if I can’t find them. I’ll also be audio book-less and Kindle-less for the duration of the ride, but I’d already planned to meditate and write on the ride anyway.
After 4 days of meditation bootcamp, I hoped I could handle this.
Still, I ran it all through my head a few times, trying to find a way to blame Elisa, or some other innocent bystander. Funny how the ego does that.
I’m sure it happened for a reason. To teach me some valuable lesson.
I closed my eyes.
My focus in meditation was poor thinking up my plan b, c and d.
I didn’t last long.
At each stop on the train, there was momentary wifi, where I was able to hit up my laptop for the name of the theater where I was to meet my fam in the city. Then at the next stop, I was able to Gmap which train would get me there.
I made it to the theater (fam was at Wicked), where I popped in for an expensive tea and use of wifi to let all important parties know I was phoneless. I thought for a minute to use a payphone, but where do you actually find one of those when you need one? And, do I even know anyone’s number?
This all sounds so ridiculous, I realize.
I lived in Hong Kong for a whole year with no cell phone in 2011 and loved it.
When I’d get lost, I’d find a cell phone store (on every block) and email Elisa. She’d get so frustrated: “Just get a dumb phone, for goodness sakes.”
I found it fun to leave it up to the universe to find each other.
So much for her.
Apparently, I’m no longer that cool.
Well, I made it. No selfies at Rockefeller. No FB or Instagram scrolling in the very long bathroom line at Bryant Park. No GPS in Central Park. Instead, I asked people for directions.
It had it’s pros and cons.
I’m not looking to give up on technology, but I definitely learned to take a chill pill. Perhaps I’ll forget my phone more often to test the tolerance.
Lol, this is perfect. Elisa just got home and had a similar panic attack. She forgot her Vitamix;)
I leave you with this: All attachments should be tested every once in a while. First things first, call out your attachments.
Much Love,
Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker, and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!
PS … this spacing issue on the blog is another test in tolerance. “Let it go! Let it go-o!”

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