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A Smile is Worth Thousands of Trips to the Sink

I think I was in 5th grade and interested in boys when the benefit of daily teeth brushing finally came into clear view.

Up until then my efforts had been spotty at best.

We didn’t have magical toothbrushes then and glittery toothpaste. This was before the war when Crest had only one flavor and toothbrushes were inflexible and non-recyclable.

Now, although I threaten Elisa all the time, I wouldn’t dare think of missing a brushing, morning and night. Just the thought of waking up with a mouth full of mossy teeth is enough to drag even my most pathetic tired self to the sink.

A habit that took 9 years–well, minus 3 years of toddlerdom, so 6 years to originally commit to–one that needed a lot of reinforcement in high school and college when blacking out was part of my natural sleeping patterns, still requires at least some motivation when I’m exhausted to keep up some 30 years later.

And yet mental flossing, ie meditation, a habit whose inward/outward benefits may take a little longer to recognize–yes–but potential results could be life-changing, we give a few weeks to a practice and give up all together.

Just think of all the mossy brain build up!

I am in the process of recommitting to a daily practice since my Jan 1 resolution-esque fell flat on its forehead.

I began a daily practice late 2008. I was thirty and utterly desperate for something other than my sad country song story on repeat.

Suggestions to try meditation about fell from the sky before I took them seriously. I wanted no part of it.

But I tried it anyway, because I was–well–desperate, and knew right away that I’d found exactly what I’d been looking for.

Now, I know the benefits well. I’ve witnessed my own transformation. Over the years, I’ve had some of my most peaceful, blissful and intuitive moments in meditation. And yet, it still requires discipline to sit 6 years later.

It hasn’t been all peaches and roses, I should say. In fact, it can feel a bit like going to the dentist: uncomfortable, vulnerable, afraid. But it’s all worth it, because isn’t it that natural, radiant smile we’re all after anyway.

I leave you with this: Recommit. Again and again.


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!

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