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What If I Fail?

This question has stopped me dead in my tracks on many occasions? It’s true; we paint such an abysmal picture of doom and gloom, giving ourselves such little credit on resiliency.

When I think back to all my failures, let’s see … all the science fair projects that paled in comparison, or all the Halloween costume contests I was too embarrassed to enter, riding the pine my freshman year (varsity basketball squad), “borrowing” the car when I was 15 (just a few weeks before my 16th birthday), failing spring semester (freshman year college–thankfully they gave me a “do-over’), being fired from Olive Garden for not attending a Saturday 8 AM motivational meeting (sophomore year, 8 AM, HA!), failing upward in relationships, failing upward in careers, what seemed like the biggest crash of relationship and career, my first entrepreneurial adventure, bankruptcy, my most recent employment “reorganization,” and I’m sure there are a ton I’m missing –it ain’t all that gloomy.

What I’ve learned:

One: Nobody gives a shit. Most, if not all, failings go unnoticed by nearly all the people we are worried will judge [read: stone] us.

Two: At the risk of sounding cliche, I wouldn’t change a one of them. As I wrote each failure, I wanted to give a hard-earned defense for each, or why my life is better because …

I would go to bat for all of those moments. Honest.

For that reason, in addition to all the great points that Jonathon Fields makes in the TED above, I would encourage you to make your own failure list. It’s actually harder than it looks, because what felt like a HUGE fail in the making … years later are only big stepping stones.

With good intentions, I see no failure as a falling back. Seriously, we can only fail forward.

So what’s the fear in that?

Besides, you may just succeed. And everyone knows the biggest failure of all is having never given it a shot.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

I leave you with this: Ask yourself the important questions? What if I fail, and recover? What if I do nothing? What if I succeed?


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!


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