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Big Speech Today!

Poetry on the Porch, 2009

Tonight I am competing in the second round of the Toastmaster’s International competition. I am mostly excited, and only a little nervous–for now at least.

My goal is to drop into that divine place of flow and let the message pour through me. No worry or fear about the outcome.

The irony: My speech chronicles the events of the day when I was given, in meditation, my mission to tell my story.

I saw it clearly that day on the beach in Hawaii. I would be on stage entertaining, sharing my passions, and teaching.

That was 2008-ish.

This is 2015.

Hmmm …

I got that very clear message then and have worked to make purposeful steps most days–baby steps even–since. Some might call it a crawl. Yet the momentum has been behind me, and more importantly that solid vision has been in my minds eye all along.

I began writing and got back on stage with poetry, 2009-2010. I published my book in 2013.

But it wasn’t until late 2014 that I really began the push for this speaking thing: improv, Toastmasters, lining up workshops and speaking gigs.

What took me so long?


Sometimes when you know what you’re meant to do, it makes it that much harder to do it. Because we want to show up perfect. It is our life’s work after all.

I was a teacher and spoke in front of large groups of students and teachers on the regular, no problem. Not even a touch of nerves. Someone wants to pay me for my expertise: ahhh!

… Same same, no?

That’s the thing about fear. It doesn’t always make sense. It’s not rational. There’s no talking yourself out of it.

The only way to conquer fear (if there is such a thing) is action.

Do the thing. Even if it’s ugly at first.

I have tons evidence on youtube showing my crashes and burns.

And here I am, even more primed and ready for competition.

Start small; there is no stupid place to start. And work your way up.

That, my friend, is the magic cure.

I leave you with this: What used to terrify you that now feels like riding a bike?


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, inspirational storyteller, and live your dream life coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For the full 411, visit, yo!

2 Responses to “Big Speech Today!”

  1. LauraBelle

    Wow, that’s very inspirational. I have a similar goal, but admit that I haven’t done anything about it because it is terrifying to me. I look at the toastmasters website and think about going, but I never do.



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